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"If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail."

This infamous quote from Abraham Maslow's The Psychology of Science perfectly summarizes the strategic playbook for most marketing consultants . . . and it infuriates me!

As a business owner, you must balance competing priorities, from sales and marketing to operations to financial management. No single one of these functions can be placed on the backburner because each is equally important in maintaining the profitability of your enterprise.

So then why do most marketing firms operate within a silo of the sales and marketing process?

The answer: Spending your money on marketing is their hammer.

At Focus & Scale, we support an ownership-level perspective of the Sales & Marketing process.

For us, this means taking a fidiciary's role in advising and executing strategy in line with your vision.

For you, this means we don't roll out our list of services to squeeze as much as we can into your budget.

We offer a refreshing approach to delivering the predictable and profitable growth that you desire.

If you are ready for a new approach to scaling your business now, you should schedule a Profitable Growth Audit. You'll discover new opportunities and strategies for growth that were previously clouded by 

Meet The Mind Behind Focus & Scale 

Jace Campbell​
The "Profitable Growth" CPA

Meet Jace Campbell. You may know his story, but in case you're new here, I'll stick with the short version . . .

Jace started his career in corporate America after getting his undergraduate degree in Accounting and Master's degree in Finance from Texas A&M University. Soon after he earned his CPA license in the state of Texas and was a financial statement auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers and Grant Thornton for a number of years before being called to the world of digital marketing.

Having grown up in the family business, Jace saw marketing "consultants" selling his parents marketing services that would never return a profit. These consultants understood nothing about the economics of the business, and their only concern was following their script and hitting their quotas.

With the passion and anger that comes from being flat out stolen from, Jace set out to learn marketing in the trenches. He was one of the first Facebook marketers serving small businesses in 2008. He invested thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars into trainings from the top marketing minds in the world - both online and offline. He built his own lead generation websites. His own directory websites. He built the infrastructure for in-house SEO. He learned copywriting, media planning, media buying, conversion optimization, and marketing automation from the best.

And after all of this training and launching his own revenue-producing enterprises, it is actually the skills and experience from his days in audit rooms and board rooms that is his most valuable asset.

Marketing strategy and execution. Sure, these are valuable, but the real value comes in understanding the economics of the business well enough such that the best strategy is executed to the business owner's benefit. The value is in asking the right questions of the right people so that the strategy and execution give the owner exactly what he or she wants and in the timeline required.

Almost a decade of executing a top-down risk-based approach to audit, is now the same skillset that helps Jace to understand your company's profit potential and to align a marketing strategy steeped in fiscal accountability.

Credentials Matter When They Are Earned

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