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The entirety of our solutions are too broad to define, but below we have included a few examples from our current and past clients so that you can get a taste of our ROI-focused mission. This list is not meant to be inclusive, but rather a demonstration of our solutions, and not just services.

Automation to Lower Overhead

A sales organization spent at least 12 hours each month calculating the commission payouts for salespeople. Because of their diverse product offering with varying margins, commission calculations became more tedious each time a new product was added.

Focus & Scale built an automated Microsoft Access program that reduced this process time to less than 1 hour each month.  While saving 10+ hours a month impacted the bottom line, it was even more beneficial for the manager to focus her time on other month-end close processes.

Operational Efficiency Leads to Profitable Growth

A local forklift propane bottle delivery company was struggling with profitability. They served several dozen commercial customers across the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

After working with Focus & Scale, the company realized they may be under-charging due to the cost of the equipment invested, and that they were priced so much below the competition that they were growing themselves out of business.

Additionally, as the business had grown over the years, new customers were added to the delivery routes where they would fit in. This resulted in deliveries being made 5 days a week and with no capacity to bring on new customers.

Focus & Scale helped determine the true cost of serving each customer and optimized the routing.  This resulted in:

  • Delivery routes only requiring 3 days each week, instead of 5
  • Right-sized price increases with specific customers
  • Deployment of new assets with a calculated return on investment
  • The ability to bring on new customers at better margins

Based on the route optimization alone, this company will add $35,000 to its bottom line in Year 1. This is not including additional return on invested assets or potential profit from now having capacity for new customers at better margins. 

Smart Application of Online Marketing

A regional fuel company opened a new office in a competitive market and did not know how to drive leads for their brand new sales team.

Focus & Scale re-built the website to optimize for landing pages and then ranked the website in key municipalities across the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.  While Google Adwords had been the best investment in the past, the new sizeable market meant that SEO (search engine optimization) was finally a sustainable, long-term strategy for profitable growth.

From Launch to Profitability

Bear Creek Tours LLC launched a hospitality business for an annual music festival. Focus & Scale developed the go-to-market strategy (with 100% of the revenues derived from Facebook advertising), sold sponsorships, and optimized the operating procedures. Now in its 5th year, this single hospitality venture has grossed six figures.

Cost Analysis Leads to Profitable Growth

A regional trucking company utilized industry-standard mileage charts and the common "mileage radius" methodology to price its freight charge. Focus & Scale worked with management to define all inputs to the delivery process and developed a more precise point-to-point pricing mechanism.

This resulted in the company seeing that they were losing money on certain customers due to the previous pricing model. There was also opportunity to be more price competitive with other customers.

The company now has an automated system to ensure that quotes are either profitable for the company or they can decline the work. Without this knowledge, the company might have invested millions in its trucking fleet only to chase unprofitable business in the long-term.

Predictable New Patient System

The Institute for Functional Health was already a successful functional wellness clinic, but growth had stalled. The founder went on the mid-day talk shows every few weeks and offered a free consultation to generate leads into the practice. But after a couple of years, the leads were slowing and more and more prospects were not showing up to their consultation appointment.

Focus & Scale identified the lack of online information specific to their functional wellness services, no scaleable process to generate leads, and no system for following-up with leads and converting prospects into new patients.

Focus & Scale designed and developed a new patient-focused website, created various guides, and a health quiz to capture leads. We also coached the doctor through the creation of informative videos and webinars to establish his authority. Ultimately, we created a Facebook-centric lead generation process that utilized his new system to get patients in the door. We utilized ActiveCampaign for marketing automation to deliver the right message to the right prospects at the right time. And we allowed the doctor to know exactly how much it costs to attract a new patient.

Once the doctor knew his cost for patient acquisition and a process to convert leads to patients, he is now rolling his system out to franchises across the country. We are most excited for the doctor to now be able to step back away from working exclusively with patients, and instead allow him to make an even bigger impact in healthcare by helping his franchises to grow more profitable and change more lives.

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