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Ranking in Google Will Help My Business, But . . .

. . . I don't feel like I can trust an SEO company to shoot me straight.

​Are you ready to take control of your marketing ROI and invest in yourself first?

It is incredibly difficult to make a wise purchase decision when you do not know much about a product or service.

This frustration is evident in every industry and for every consumer. Myself included . . .

For me personally, this frustration overcomes me when I visit the auto mechanic.

Mechanic: Hello Mr. Campbell, I know you brought your truck in for a standard oil change but we identified a major oil leak. This is one of the worst leaks I've ever seen. This is a super complex oil leak! We're going to be removing manifolds and drip pans and replacing gaskets and re-building the flux capacitor. The total will be $2,500 to fix all of this . . . but we'll throw in the $79 oil change for free.

(Editor's Note: The mechanic may not have said re-building the flux capacitor, but he might as well have since it's all Greek to me.)

Yikes! $2,500 seems cheap if it is as bad as he says. But I know nothing about the inner-workings of my truck so I should probably get a 2nd opinion.

I can drive my truck like a pro. And my mechanical prowess for filling the gas tank and taking it in for an oil change are truly unmatched. But I cast my ego aside just to show off my skills as a smart shopper.

So I decide to visit another reputable mechanic for a valuable 2nd opinion. I know he's reputable because I hear his radio commercials and see his billboards.

Mechanic #2: Hello Mr. Campbell, good news. We could detect no oil leak.  The bad news: you must replace your shocks and struts immediately, if you don't re-build this exhaust manifold you may not pass your next vehicle inspection.  It will all come out to $2,500 . . . but we'll throw in a free $79 oil change.

Are you kidding me?!?!

Is Your SEO Firm Your "Auto Mechanic"?

SEO may be just as foreign of a concept to you as the underbelly of my truck is for me.

It is so darn frustrating when the only people trying to explain SEO to me are the ones trying to sell me full SEO services.

Tack on that they all claim to have the next new greatest "secret".

And from one SEO firm to another prices range from Kia to Cadillac.


Let's make a deal . . . I am going answer a few common questions for you, dispel myths perpetuated by a sometimes shady industry, and at the end I have an offer that you can't refuse. (You can refuse. I just needed a dramatic end to that sentence.)

How does Google work?

How many keywords should I buy in my SEO package?

How many press releases, blog posts, and infographics should I buy each month?

How do some SEO firms quote me $3,995 per month while others quote me $295 per month?

I've done my research. Can't I do my own SEO by blogging and posting on Facebook and Twitter?

SEO done correctly sounds expensive. Are there any alternatives?

What is Managed SEO Services?

Shameless Offer Sub-Heading

So this is where I make you an offer that flies in the face of conventional wisdom . . . 

This is where most SEO firms will either ask you to fill out a 20-part questionnaire revealing your deepest darkest secrets about your marketing budget or they have an input box where you enter your web address to receive a free SEO audit.

​Look . . . if you are still reading this, then from my point of view, you are obviously interested in SEO for your business.

The free SEO audits you receive are garbage!

I know this for a fact, because the software company that creates that SEO audit tool has tried to sell us the same thing.

Make no mistake, those free SEO audits are designed to identify problems that you don't have.

Just like you cannot take one specific SEO strategy for one website in one market and then copy-paste that same strategy onto a different website in a different market . . . the exact same can be said for those SEO audit tools.

I find it particularly incredulous when the tool points out how many Facebook Likes or Twitter Followers the page has.  Or says it is not connected to a social media page at all.  Who cares!?!?

You need a real live audit for your website in your market.

Whenever we take on a new client, we actually provide our client with an executive-level SEO training so that they understand what all is involved. We want there to be no question as to what we are executing every month for our clients.

We follow the same process for our SEO audits.​

This is not a pre-recorded video.

We want to sit down with you one-on-one, share our screen with you, walk you through our analysis and explain what we are seeing, and . . . (drumroll) . . . allow you to ask questions.

Yes, I know! It's a crazy thought that someone actually wants you to see their process and allow you to ask questions.

"That is the best free SEO audit ever!"

Whoa . . . slow down. Unfortunately for all you freebie seekers, this is not free.

This audit is not a pre-recorded video. This is not a report automatically spit out of a software tool.

This live audit is $89.

This is pennies compared to the amount of money you could waste on SEO if you don't know what to look for.

These live audits can take from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how many questions you have.  Most of these take about 45 minutes, though.

Who Is This For:

  • ​If you are not sure what your current SEO firm does and are suspicious because you are not ranking . . . this is for you.
  • If you know that ranking higher on Google would lead to more customers . . . this is for you.​
  • If you are un-sure if SEO is a viable and smart investment into your lead generation efforts . . . this is for you.

Who Is This Not For:

  • If you think that $89 is too much money to invest in your business . . . this is not for you.
  • If you are already an SEO expert because you do a lot of online research on blogs . . . this is not for you.
  • If your website preys on people who don't know any better (payday loans, MLM, get rich quick) . . . this is not for you.

Let's Wrap This Up

​You have invested several minutes into reading this far down on the page, you know that this is a unique offer that is not what you typically hear from SEO firms, and so you know that now is the time to make this one-time investment to support your future decision-making related to search engine marketing.

Click the button below to schedule your ​one-on-one live SEO audit.


If for any reason, you do not believe that you received your money's worth, just tell us and you'll receive a full refund. We are here to over-deliver on our client's expectations. We even link to our Better Business Bureau profile. How many companies do that anymore?

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