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From the Desk of

Jace Campbell

The Profitable Growth CPA

Is your business growing or dying?

Dear Business Owner,

Every business owner reaches a point when working harder just doesn't impact the bottom line like it once did.


In just a minute I am going to tell you exactly how we help companies like yours to achieve profitable growth by working smarter, not harder.

But first, you and I must agree that working smarter is the only reasonable path to perpetual growth.

In the beginning . . .

. . . you probably had an amazing ability to just work harder if you need to take home more money.

As an entrepreneur, there is no better feeling in the world. It's euphoric!

Want more money? Work harder tomorrow. Go grind it out and control your own destiny.

But wily business owners admit an even better feeling . . . work less yet make more money.

And no, this is not a veiled pitch for some get rich quick scheme.

This is simply the power of creating systems to leverage your time.

Bill Gates did not grow Microsoft by learning to code faster.

Jeff Bezos did not become a billionaire by creating individual product listings on Amazon.

Ray Kroc did not build McDonald's into a global hamburger chain by flipping burgers faster than the guy next door.

If you have even one employee, then you have already implemented a System of Profitable Growth.

Simply put: You cannot sustainably outgrow your competition with sheer hard work and determination. Even if you could, you would never have time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Companies with incredible growth do so by working smarter than their competition.

Is this different for you?

Your reality is no different than that of millions of other business owners.

Growth does not come easy for most business owners because most business owners are really good at certain skills, and do not really have the time to invest into every singular component of your business.

This has been termed the Pareto Principle (also referred to as the 80/20 rule). It says that 20% of your activity brings about 80% of the value you create. Said another way, 80% of the things you do only deliver 20% of your bottom line.

This is true for every business owner in every industry.

Many business owners are really good at providing the product or service that their customers buy.  Does this sound familiar?

  • Doctors are good at diagnosing disease and providing medical care.
  • Attorneys are good at studying and applying nuances of law.
  • IT professionals are good at designing computer systems.
  • Financial advisors are good at matching needs with investment vehicles.

But if you really wanted to increase the value of your business, you would focus on those activities that bring the most value. For you, it may be selling. It may be training your employees to do the job as well as you do. It may be organizing processes for maximum efficiency.

I am not here to tell you what you must focus on. I am only postulating that if you could focus on what you do best and allow others to do the rest . . . then you have the winning formula to grow your net income while also re-gaining control of your time.

How do we forge profitable growth for you?

Profitable growth is the product of allocating your resources as efficiently as possible - whether those resources are labor, systems, or hard assets. 

Does everyone in your company earn the same hourly rate?

Of course not.

You do not have your General Manager at $80,000 a year entering payables at month end. You also do not have your Accounts Payable clerk pricing quotes for the sales team on a daily basis.

Your hiring and wages strategy is your optimization of that most basic of all systems - hiring more employees.

To scale your business to the next level of profitability, you must identify the most promising systems, decide which levers to pull, and then execute.

This is how McDonald's built an empire of thousands of fast-food restaurants with the arguably lowest quality hamburger on the market.

My self-discovery is very lucrative for you

Through my own self-discovery I found my own truth for the 80/20 rule.

While most CPA's specialize in tax compliance or bookkeeping, I found myself delivering the most value by helping business owners to make more money!

As a CPA with almost a decade of experience behind the scenes of dozens of companies across many industries, I have a unique insider's perspective to what separated small mom-n-pop companies from the Fortune 50 giants.

And across the board, the profitable growth of a business can be predicted based on its ability to identify levers of profitability, design the systems and then execute the plan.

The same is true for your busines.

If you are ready to grow and willing to concede that an outside perspective may provide you insight that you lack from being lost in the weeds, then this is your chance to take profitability to the next level.

How is this different from typical coaching or consulting?

As a CPA with significant financial statement experience, I bring a new level of discipline to an analysis of the current state of your business.

But as a self-made marketer who has successfully launched multiple businesses, I also bring an understanding of the sales & marketing process that often eludes my fellow financial and management consultant peers.

The typical problem-solving capacity of a financial consultant may offer the advice of: "You need to generate more revenue. Internet marketing is a big thing right now so you should reach out to an internet marketing firm."

In that same respect, reaching out to a typical digital marketing firm leads you down a self-centered sales process by a consultant that hopes to figure out "how can we get this new client into the services that we provide".

This is no fault of their own.

You speak to what you know.

Marketing firms know marketing so they talk marketing. Even if you have no capacity for growth, your margins are upside-down, or you have no sales process once a lead is acquired. They do not care because their role is marketing.

So I'll ask, when is the last time your marketing firm performed an in-depth financial review of your entire business: sales & marketing, operations, and finance?

By that same token, when is the last time your CPA created the process and systems to profitably grow your bottom line? (And I am not talking about "tax planning" - AKA keeping more of the money that you already made.)

What is the next step?

You have a stack of strategy books. You have cases of DVD's. Heck, you may even still have hardcases of cassette tapes inspiring you with excruciating hyperbole that this whole "business thing" is just mind over matter. Here's looking at you Tony Robbins.

Seriously, the all time greats have bestowed upon us no shortage of content: Dale Carnegie, Zig Ziglar, Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Bob Proctor, Gary Halbert, John Carlton, Victor Schwab, Joe Sugarman . . . .

Let's be real frank, even though you have plenty of great reading material and impactful videos and webinars, you did not read this far to get another dose of talk-at-you strategy.

This letter was designed to get you to this point in the copy.

Every business owner who reads this has arrived at this point for a different reason, but still, this copy was designed to get you to this decision.

Let's talk.

Unless you came to our website because you received a referral or because of your interest in a particular service that we offer, then I can only assume that you came to this website and have read this long copy because you need a solution for profitable growth.

Solutions are what we create.

But the only way to know whether my team and I have the requisite skillset to design your solution is to understand the current state of your business.

So again, let's talk.

If you have read this far, this tells me all I need to know about your desire for changes in your business.

You've invested your time in learning about our firm, and so now I will invest my time into learning about your business.

Below is my personal calendar for 30-minute Discovery Sessions.

Our Discovery Session has 3 objectives:

1) Exchange pleasantries - "Hi, nice to meet you." "You too."

2) For me to understand your most urgent business concern.

3) For us to decide together whether we should continue our discussion with a Roadmapping Session.

This phone call is just me and you. No one else.

This is not strategy session by committee. This is not a half hour brainstorming session or coaching call.

This is you deciding whether you want to move to the next phase with us in your quest for perpetual profitable growth.


Jace Campbell, CPA

The Profitable Growth CPA

Founder, Focus & Scale

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