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How Do You Make More Money?

Answer: Provide more value to your clients, help them make more money and thus you can charge more money!

What I am proposing today will help you to achieve all of the above, which will lead to higher client retention and justify an increase in your own fees in the long run. And I promise this is not a veiled sales pitch.

My name is Jace Campbell and I am a CPA in the state of Texas.

I am not a bookkeeper. I am not a tax accountant.

I am The Profitable Growth CPA.


Jace Campbell, CPA

After almost a decade in the audit practices of PricewaterhouseCooper and Grant Thornton, I immersed myself in the world of digital marketing, launched multiple lead generation companies and helped numerous of my own clients to achieve breakthrough profitability by design.

You are a trusted advisor to your clients, but your expertise is likely concentrated in bookkeeping or tax compliance.

This is where I would love to partner with you to deliver the message of The Profitable Growth CPA.

Small business owners get inundated by marketing salespeople with ZERO knowledge about the economics of their business and these salespeople are only good at conning unsuspecting business owners.  This is FRAUD!

This infuriates me!

Here's a Common Small Business Con

Every business should not invest in every new shiny tool.

Let's take Search Engine Optimization as an example. I have built my own network to rank websites. I have invested a lot of money because I use these assets for my own lead generation companies.

But honestly, most businesses should never pay for SEO. The economics just don't support it.

You will never hear a cold-calling SEO company tell you that, though.

Those telemarketers have only one objective and that is to get your credit card and string you along for as many months as possible. (I wrote about this con in a controversial article titled Theft by SEO.)

I would love to say this is only foreign actors, but even some of the biggest marketing companies in the US pull off this same heist to the tune of tens of millions in revenue every year.

Here is my offer

I would like to host an online workshop for your clients at your request.

This is simple:  you will introduce The Profitable Growth CPA to your clients and help field questions during a hot topic workshop that will direct impact their happiness as a business owner . . . either to improve their bottom line or reduce their stress.

Here are a few presentation topics worth considering . . . 

  • Why Social Media is a Waste of Time (probably)
  • Your Website Is Costing You Money - Yes, Even Your Brick & Mortar
  • How New Small Business Automation Is Shifting Your P&L
  • Investing in the Process, Then the People (A Case for Logic)
  • Brand Marketing is Crushing Your Bottom Line
  • The #1 Metric You Must Know to Profitably Grow

And, of course, we will customize any of these topics for your particular client set.

The grand total price for this is $ZERO!

Why Am I Offering This Free?

Joint ventures are the lifeblood of many great businesses. For me, this is a natural win-win situation for bookkeeping and tax professionals.

I am not an expert in what you do. While I may have audited financial statements for Fortune 50 corporations, you do not want me opening a QuickBooks file or completing a Form 51093-A%Z#Q (that's an IRS form, right?).

You benefit from this partnership because:

  • Your position as a Trusted Advisor is strengthened beyond your specialty.
  • You are introducing them to a different kind of specialist, but still a CPA with credibility.
  • When your clients make more money, you justify higher fees and more services.

I benefit by connecting with and spreading my message to real business owners (not hobbyists) who care enough about their personal and business growth to invest their time into getting to the next level.

That may seem like a silly benefit for me, but as a profit consultant I walk a narrow path between the role of a marketing consultant and that of a management consultant.

Unfortunately, because of the bad actors in the marketing world, most honest business owners are jaded at the prospect of another marketer pitching another shiny object.

Mind you, I don't even have a shiny object to pitch.

And since I don't have a $497 e-course or $897 coaching program, then my solutions are in working with business owners one-on-one (translation: I take on very few clients).

For me to find the best clients (which are the ones I can help the most), I need more business owners hearing the message of The Profitable Growth CPA.

I need more business owners experiencing an epiphany - that there is a better way than writing blind checks to service providers for software and advertising and shiny objects they don't need!

And I know that for every 99 business owners who can take my message and implement those changes on their own, there will be 1 business owner who says "I'd like to work with Jace directly on that."

How Do We Move Forward?

Let's jump on the phone and discuss your practice. Let's figure out together which message resonates with your clients.

My team will craft the emails for you to send to your clients.

These presentations are positioned as "you invited The Profitable Growth CPA to speak with your clients about . . . . "

You are welcome to charge a nominal fee to your clients, although I would recommend that you offer it for free or for a suggested donation to a local charity.

Initially, we were planning to charge between $50 and $100 per attendee and share that revenue with you. However, as a CPA, the Texas State Board of Accountancy requires that any fees paid to a referral be disclosed. Rather than us deal with the negative optics of money changing hands, we decided to make this free on our part.​​​​

And You Even Have a Bonus . . . ?

Every great joint venture has a great bonus.  So here's a valuable tool in my toolkit - it's required reading for everyone here at Focus & Scale.

You may be familiar with world-renowned small business marketer Dan Kennedy. He has published over a dozen books and charges $25,000 a day for consultations. His bread-n-butter is selling marketing courses.

His content is top notch, but let's be real - there is no shortage of information out there. The problem that most business owners have is they don't have time to execute. Or they don't know which of the 50 different strategies are the best for their business.

Well, Mr. Kennedy published a book that I consider to be one of the most eye-opening (yet foundational) books for business owners - The No B.S. Guide to Direct Marketing for Non-Direct Marketing Businesses.

This book should be required reading for every business owner before they write their first check for any advertising or marketing consulting. It is a dang good book and can easily be read in under 8 hours.

But who has time for that?

Mostly no one.

So I have taken copious notes, filtered through some of his overly-hyped sales fluff, inserted my own commentary and related his concepts back to our real life clients, and I'm going to give this to your clients for free just for attending your webinar.

So what comes next?

Let's talk. You should now have my book notes in your inbox, but before you start reading that, let's talk about the current state of your practice, how many clients you have, what industries they are in, and what kind of problems you hear about and see in their financial statements.

You are in the best position to determine what strategic messaging is most valuable for them as a whole.

Simply click the button below and you will be taken to my online calendar.  Find a time that works for you and then let's talk.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on the Book Notes when we jump on the phone.

I'd like to thank you for reading this letter and I look forward to partnering with you very soon.

Here's to your client's profitable growth - and yours too!


Jace Campbell
The Profitable Growth CPA

P.S. After you've scheduled a call with me, I invite you to explore the rest of our website.  You can also visit our Facebook page for a series of videos we've produced on profitable growth (and a few Facebook Live videos if they weren't too bad for us to delete).

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