Okay, so here's the deal . . . 

I am happy to give the full 60 pages of notes to anyone who already has Mr. Kennedy's book. (Hint: If you don't have it already . . . keep reading).

So - if you already have Mr. Kennedy's book, I need you to prove to me that you have the book in your posession (even if that means you checked it out at a local library).‚Äč

In the Facebook Message box below send me a one word message telling me the last word on Page 51.
(Hint: It ends with the letter "y")

If the message box does not display correctly on your device, then you can click the Message link below this or email hello@focusandscale.com.

No Book?

No Worries!

Get this book for just $1.00!
(shipping included)

This is no joke.

This is no scam.

Mr. Kennedy offers this on his website because he knows that a certain % of you will decide to purchase his training materials.

There is no automatic subscription or no recurring charge that you have to cancel. I ordered this myself just to see.  You can witness my grand reveal in the video below (as exciting as it sounds).

Click the link below to order your copy of the book, then forward your email receipt to hello@focusandscale.com.

Our team will then send you the full 60 page download.

Thank you,
Jace Campbell

Founder, Focus & Scale