The Two Most Critical Questions You Must Ask Your Marketers

Finally, the Executive-Level Understanding You Need To Hold Them Accountable

Let me be clear: My goal is not to ruin your relationship with your marketing agency.

The purpose of this blog post is to strengthen that relationship.

If you are reading this, then you already have your suspicions one way or another.

My goal for you is that within five minutes, you will be equipped to solidify your suspicion - for the positive or the negative.

Hi. I'm Jace Campbell. I am a Certified Public Accountant. I am a marketer. I am a profit consultant.

I spend my own money generating leads across a variety of industries, and my clients pay me for those leads.And I help business owners to profitably grow their business with a concept I've coined called "Fiduciary in Marketing".

You are welcome to read more about this novel concept here, but I can explain it for you in one sentence: Unlike your current marketing agency or consultant, we treat your money with the same care that we treat our own money.

It's a crazy thought, I know.

But that's our modus operandi after talking with so many business owners who have misplaced their trust in an agency or consultant who is not acting in their client's best interest.

What are these two questions of critical
importance to your growth?

I have actually developed seven questions that will provide you a comprehensive review of your agency or consultant (you can get the full e-guide here).

However, there are two questions that I consider to be the most critical, depending on your situation.

One question uncovers if your marketing agency is truly looking out for your best interest or if they are more concerned about how many of their services they can squeeze into your budget.

The other question highlights if your agency has the depth of knowledge and skill set needed to scale your business in today's uber-competitive digital advertising environment.

Our free e-guide, 7 Critical Questions Every Digital Marketer Hates Being Asked, covers these two questions in more depth. However, this summary will provide you an adequate starting point. 

Question #1

“Should I invest in Pay Per Click (PPC) or Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?"

Answer Key:  This is my favorite question because it quickly uncovers your marketing firm’s understanding of your vision and whether they are looking out for your best interests.

PPC and SEO are both valuable website traffic generation mechanisms, but here’s the industry secret - marketing firms have much higher margins on SEO than on PPC.

With PPC, a portion of your budget is paid to Google (or other ad networks) for placement on their website. However, with SEO, you are essentially paying for the expertise of the agency.

SEO firms most certainly have infrastructure costs that account for most of their costs for providing SEO services, but you are primarily paying for the expertise of the firm.

The above is not to make a case for PPC or SEO being a better decision for you. In fact, many clients will utilize both services - but that is because they understand the risks and rewards for both, and the economics of their business support that decision.

The only purpose of the above is for full disclosure as you speak with your marketing firm.

In our free e-guide, I expand on the common answers you may get from your agency and how to get to the no-spin version of the truth.

Have you ever been proposed SEO Services for $105,000?

We did just that. We lost the proposal. But we won their trust.

Read the full story in our free e-guide

Question #2

“Should we advertise on the Google Display Network?”

Answer Key: Yes! In it's most basic form, you should definitely be utilizing the re-targeting audiences on Google Display Network.

For any business where your customers or clients perform research behaviors on-line, there is an even larger opportunity with Google.

To be clear, I am not talking about Google Adwords on the search engine. Here I am talking about the Google Display Network that displays advertising on millions of websites all over the web.

Beyond re-targeting (sometimes called re-marketing), most agencies are probably advising against these display networks.

The most likely reason for that answer . . .

Google Display Network is hard and most agencies just do not understand it.

Google has made it very easy for you to enter your credit card into their platform and spend money showing your display ads on websites all across the web. However, they have also made it easy to blow through huge budgets with improper management.

With Facebook ads, you create the ad, pick a few audience interests and you’re done. (You shouldn’t be done, but many people are done at this point...which is why they never see an ROI from Facebook ads.)

But the Google Display Network requires patience and a “learning” budget because Google wants to spend your budget. Each campaign requires a learning curve as placements and ad creatives are constantly pitted against each other in A/B split tests to find the winning formula.

Facebook offers 3 placements - Newsfeed, Right Side of Screen, and Mobile. Google Display Network offers literally millions of placements on websites across the web, including and

There’s a reason why Focus & Scale is an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer. The opportunity on the display networks is huge and being trained by the best in the world who run ad budgets in excess of $100,000 per day – this delivers tremendous value for our clients.

Clients don’t open their wallet and spend $100,000/day on losing campaigns - it just doesn’t happen.

Your marketing firm may tout the massive amount of data that Facebook has on its users and how you can pinpoint your ads to just the perfect audience.

It’s true. Facebook knows your likes and interests. It knows who your friends are and what they like as well. It knows the places you check-in, the events you attend, the businesses you review.

However, due to the recent news about Cambridge Analytica and the public backlash, Facebook has turned off many of their data integrations that allowed them to know what kind of car you drove, the value of your home, and your online spending behaviors.

Google knows more about your interests and what you are in the market to purchase than Facebook ever knew!

Google knows your search history. Google knows the places you visit based on the location of your cell phone, not because you checked-in but because you have Google Maps downloaded on your phone.

Google knows the products you purchase online because every e-commerce store has Google Analytics code on their site.

And thanks to integration with third party data providers like Experian and Equifax and credit card companies . . . we can create predictive audiences of people who are likely looking for your product or service.

Imagine that for a moment - before you make a major purchase, you are likely price shopping online, research the pros and cons, checking various competitors.

Google knows all of this and we can target your ads at these precise people.

Let's see Facebook do that!

In our e-guide, we reveal more details about the incredible power and profitability of utilizing display networks for scaling your bottom line.

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