Legally Target Your Competitor's Customers

The following technology feels like sci-fi, but I assure you it is very real and completely legal.

Imagine the effectiveness of your marketing if you could precisely target your advertising to customers who are walking into your competitor's business?

With geo-conquesting, that technology is here and finally the platforms are built for this next-generation technology to be affordable and practical for small businesses.

As profit consultants, there is nothing that we hate more than marketing dollars wasted on "branding" with no identifiable return on investment. Let's see how this works . . .

How Geo-Conquesting Works

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    Every smartphone has an Advertising ID associated with it. When you install any of the 180,000 apps on the Apple App Store and Android Play Store, you are agreeing to the Terms of Service for the app and its associated ad networks.
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    We set up "geo-fence" zones with cellular providers. These zones could be your competitors or complimentary businesses where your ideal customers congregate.
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    When a smartphone enters that "geo-fence" zone, the apps on that phone send us the Advertising ID.
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    Advertising ID's are then sent to a platform where third party data is matched with the Advertising ID so that an audience can be built to serve ads across other computers and tablets used by the same person.

A few use cases . . .

Personal Injury Attorney

Plastic Surgeon


Car Dealerships

Veterinary Clinic

Below is a short video that explains how this works. Honestly, the information above is just as helpful. So let's just jump on the phone and figure out how this can fit into your existing growth strategies.

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