Ranking in Google Will Help My Business
But I Don't Trust My SEO

Would Your Sales Team Close More Fuel Customers If You Ranked on the 1st Page of Google?
(Like the images below)

SEO (search engine optimization) is not a wise investment for every type of business. Ranking is just too competitive and the lifetime value of a customer is not high enough. But that is not the case for the fuel business . . . .

Dear Fuel Marketer,

My name is Jace Campbell and I am The Profitable Growth CPA. Here at Focus & Scale we help business owners to achieve profitable growth by taking a 360 degree assessment of their business.  But today, I have a more direct offer for you because I know we have a very specific service that will help your bottom line.

And I know this because I have executed the same strategy in our own family fuel business.

Notice the screenshots above from Google . . . the website ranking #1 for "fuel distributor" is the website for Haigood & Campbell.  Yes, my last name is Campbell and yes there is a relation there.  Therefore, if you are located in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, then I will not be able to serve you and I do apologize.

If you are familiar with the DFW metroplex, you will know that Fort Worth and Irving are not the only two municipalities in that metro.  So maybe the Ranking Report below will show you a bit more of how we dominate the search results for Diesel Fuel Distributor across DFW.

Go ahead and test it for yourself.  Go to Google now and type in any of these search terms. There may be slight variations based on the location you are searching from - but it'll be close enough to make my point.

Haigood & Campbell is a special case because we don't just handle diesel fuel.  We also sell propane, oil, lubricants, tank cleaning and fuel polishing.  Go ahead and search "fuel polishing in Dallas" . . . I think you know what you'll see.

My Offer for You

Ranking fuel companies is not our core business here at Focus & Scale. We are a profit consultancy.  However, between now and the first of the year I am on-boarding five new fuel companies.  We have build one hell of a network to rank our own family's website so we might as well utilize these assets to rank other fuel company sites as well (as long as you are not a competitor).

If you are interested in receiving a proposal for ranking your fuel website in your market, just click the button below to provide me with your contact information.  I will get right back to you so we can figure out together if this is a smart path forward for your lead generation efforts.

P.S. If you are interested in other profit consulting services provided by Focus & Scale, I suggest you click here to view the rest of this website.

P.P.S. Who does this? Below is a link to our Better Business Bureau profile. You don't find many businesses offering that level of transparency anymore. 

Focus & Scale BBB Business Review

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