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Who Hires a Profit Consultant?

Since leaving the fast-paced environment of Big 4 Accounting, Jace Campbell has launched multiple lead generation companies and supported the profitable growth of small businesses across a wide-range of industries.

Generally, CEO/Owners engage Focus & Scale for one of several reasons:

  • There’s a huge gap between financial desires and current outcomes. Often that gap feels extremely wide and seems nearly impossible to traverse without help of some kind.
  • There’s an overall lack of a specifc expertise. This is typically described by the owner simply as overwhelm. These owners recognize they are limited by the time in their day and bringing in cross-functioanl expertise can speed the journey to their eventual vision.
  • Specific projects have been identified, but the project's complexity is beyond the comfort level of the owner and team. While the owner could always hire an employee with that specialty, there is an inherent expectation that there is a finite end to the project.
  • B2B companies often employ the best salespeople with an incredible knowledge of their product or service and zero real-world experience. Yet these salespeople prey on the ignorance of business owners who fall for their well-oiled pitch. These owners turn to us for unbiased advice and executive level knowledge of the buying process to ensure they are not getting taken for a ride by a corporate suit just meeting his quota.

See something not in the list above?

You might say we're the ultimate in multi-dimensional. If for some reason we can't help you - have no fear. We'll let you know that as quickly as possible . . . we don't want to waste your time either.

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