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Where Does Consulting Take Place?

Consulting takes place right from the comfort of your own office.

Consulting can take various forms and execution is a key differentiator between coaching and consulting. Therefore, there may be requirements for your profit consultant to travel to your office.

However, given today's technology, 99% of our consulting projects are 100% remote. Skype and Google Hangouts provides face-to-face engagement, and various desktop sharing tools allow for remote access when needed.

Deliverables for every consulting engagement are unique to that engagement, and so the logistics for every possible scenario can't be spelled out here.

In all, our primary goal is to work remotely allowing us to provide the best support to all of our clients without fee schedules inflated for travel time and expenses.

However, your needs are our foremost concern so we are more than happy to discuss on-site visits with you and your team.

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