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The Roles in Profit Coaching

The biggest difference between coaching and consulting is who does the work.

Need to overhaul your website to better convert visitors into leads? You're team is modifying website code. Our team guides you on the missing strategic elements and provides you with examples.

Need to optimize the delivery schedule and right-size customer pricing? Again, your team is doing the work. Our team guides you on the data that is needed, the critical factors to consider, and helps to assess the effectiveness of the project's return.

For many business owners, coaching is nothing more than an available sounding board for new ideas and new perspectives. We are the "trusted advisor" there to listen and answer questions about a new tool or technique you are being pitched by a salesperson.

You get the idea. Like Tiger Woods' coach when he was the best golfer in the world, that coach didn’t swing a club for him, he did. His coach put him in a position to win. That’s what we do for you in a Profit Coaching relationship.

We are your unbiased counsel whose only interest is your best interest.

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