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What is the Coaching Process?

The easiest and lowest-risk approach to hiring a Focus & Scale Profit Consultant is to start a coaching relationship.

When you visit a doctor due to illness, you don't receive a plan of treatment before proper diagnosis. Diagnose and then prescribe.

Your relationship with your Focus & Scale Profit Consultant is no different.

Every coaching relationship begins with a Profit Diagnostic led by our founder, Jace Campbell, CPA. Through this diagnostic our team will understand the current state of your business from the perspective of all stakeholders - the owner, employees, and customers.

You and Mr. Campbell will define your most pressing needs, develop realistic expectations, and assess the capacity and skills of your current team.

From this diagnostic, we work together to build a plan that includes your first 90-day "sprint" and long-term strategic vision.

‚ÄčOnce we understand what's working and what's not working in your business model, our team can help you to assess and correct those profitability gaps.

Coaching relationships begin as six month engagements. However, most clients ascend to a consulting relationship that continues for years.

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