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Frustrated by Inbox Deliverability?

If you send cold emails for your own business or on behalf of your clients, then you already know the importance of warming your email addresses (domains) prior to beginning a cold outreach campaign.

Email marketers have been trying to hack the "warming" process for years with software tools and plug-ins. But in the end, there's only one sure-fire method for building your email domain's reputation . . . send relevant email messages to a relevant audience with a clear call to action at a natural pace.

Focus & Scale has built the assets needed to accomplish this feat with predictable and consistent precision.

Just check these stats from a few of our "warming" campaigns below:

How This Works

Focus & Scale has amassed a directory of over 1,500 email addresses that we control through private proxies. These email addresses are used to log in to various social accounts and review sites. Because we use these email addresses for our own business, we are very protective of them. We take every precaution necessary to ensure the same geographical IP's and user behavior to prevent flagging of accounts - both the email account or any review sites that we post on.

We are making 500 of these email addresses available to third parties (that's you) to be utilized in email warming campaigns.  The current ESP breakdown is: 375 Gmail, 100 Yahoo, and 25 Hotmail.

However, you will not have access to the email addresses.

We send you the list of 500 email addresses.  Then here's what happens:

  • Each day you will send your "warming email" to a few of our email addresses. The number of emails you send will start low and increase each day. It may take between 7 and 21 days for you to send to all 500 of our email addresses.
  • At the end of each day, you provide us the list of email addresses with "outstanding responses" . . . meaning you have sent your email to our address, but you have not yet received a reply.
  • Our team logs into each email account and finds your email. There is a good chance that your email will be in a spam or junk folder, or at best an automatically filtered Promotions folder.
  • We will move your email to the Primary Inbox and appropriately mark it as 'Not Spam'.
  • We will then execute whatever activity you request. Typically, this is clicking on a link and then clicking on another page once we get to the website (so it does not register a bounce), and then replying to the email saying something to the effect of "Thanks for sending this over."

Randomly, we will NOT respond and NOT click . . . so as to appear more natural.

As a best practice, we recommend you to also include multiple email variations. You will notice in the campaign statistics above, two of our campaigns had a click-thru rate of 10% or less because some of the outgoing email variations contained no links.


We utilize Quickmail.io for our cold emailing campaigns, and recommend you do the same.

With Quickmail.io, you are able to load a list of email addresses, create multiple variations to be sent, and schedule the emails to be sent each day with a lag between each email send.

We currently offer X packages.


For those curious, but not committed.



one time

  • 100 Gmail, 75 Yahoo, 25 Hotmail
  • Effective price of $1.25/email 
  • We give you the list and you handle all the setup & sending.

For those ready & able to set-up sending.



one time

  • 400 Gmail, 75 Yahoo, 25 Hotmail
  • Effective price of $0.90/email
  • We give you the list and you handle all the setup & sending.

If this seems overly simplistic, it is because it is. We have designed this to be very simple for you.

"Warming emails" is not our business. This is an internal process that I've decided to offer to other agencies because I've been told "Damn, that's awesome. Do you do that for anyone else?"

Until now the answer has been "No".

I will be releasing more of my emails into this pool in the future, but for now, these Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail are all that I am recommending. We have thousands more emails but Hotmail and Outlook and AOL are being very fickle right now with their account verifications quite frequently. So unless we are posting a review, we do not utilize our 2-factor authentication on those accounts.

Additionally, if you operate in a country that uses Yandex, we have 1,000+ Yandex email accounts.

And lastly, if you are warming two or more email addresses from the same Quickmail account, we offer a discount on the 2nd round of emails if we can execute our open/click/reply protocol on multiple emails at the same time.

We Need Beta Testers

I've been doing this for my own business and my clients for a while, but I have never dug into all the email deliverability metric tools, such as what is provided by GlockApps. I've never needed to be this precise since it has been for my own use.

But I want case studies.

If I'm going to offer this service and re-direct my team to execute, then I want to do this right.

If you are a professional outbound cold email agency, you track your inbox metrics and you will provide us the before/after metrics for your account (as measured by a third party tool), we're offering 40% off the prices stated above.

I am only offering this to the first 5 campaigns.

Next Steps

Let's talk. I don't have time to answer a lot of pre-sales questions if you are just curious.

But if you see the value in this and want to move forward, hit me up in the chat widget on this page.

P.P.S. Who does this? Below is a link to our Better Business Bureau profile. You don't find many businesses offering that level of transparency anymore. 

Focus & Scale BBB Business Review

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