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About Focus & Scale

Focus & Scale is a multi-faceted business consultancy focused on one thing . . . profitability.

The firm was founded by Jace Campbell when he realized that business owners are bombarded by "consultants" that don't understand the entirety of a business and sell products and services instead of solutions.

Jace spent 8 years as a financial auditor at global accounting and consulting firms PricewaterhouseCoopers and Grant Thornton.  This was after the collapse of Enron and passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act that transformed the financial audit process.


No longer was audit simply a matter of sampling transactions and providing an opinion on financial statements. Audit firms had to also understand the financial controls in place to detect and prevent errors.  At its root, this created an audit industry now focused on understanding the business processes.

This led to innovations in audit methodology that required a much deeper understanding of how the various functions within a business were related.  Asking questions and digging into the "why" became the focal point for how audit strategy was executed.

How was this relevant now? We will come back to that, but first . . . .

The Passion Behind Small Business

Jace grew up in an entrepreneurial family.  Hold on, I'm typing this myself . . . so no more third person. You're hearing directly from the man behind the curtain.

From the time I was 10 years old, my father had work for me to do in the family business each summer. As a youngster it was odd jobs around the company yard with a work crew.  But as I  got older and took my first accounting class in high school, I finally graduated to "work in the air conditioning" and start learning the ins-and-outs of bookkeeping for the family businesses.

Once I began pursuing my accounting and finance degrees, I became much more involved in the family businesses. And when I graduated with my Masters in Finance and began work in the high-performance culture of Big 4 accounting, I was able to relate new insights from big business processes to how small business should operate.

In 2009 I started "dabbling" in Facebook marketing for the family business. Facebook had just launched their advertising platform and I was amazed at how such a small investment of time and money could pay such dividends in driving local business. I was one of the first people on Facebook back in 2004 and so Facebook was a natural fit to my initial intrigue.

Shortly thereafter ReallyLocal Marketing was launched, first focusing on Facebook marketing and then ​growing to include Google Pay-Per-Click.

The world of online marketing was evolving quickly and ReallyLocal Marketing then invested in the training and network infrastructure to support its own search engine optimization (the process of improving a website's ranking on Google and Bing).

That investment led to the growth of lead generation websites whose sole purpose was to send exclusive phone call leads to businesses in a variety of home service verticals.​

Since these lead generation websites were indistinguishable from the website of any other local business, I saw an influx of phone calls from marketers peddling their software and services.

ReallyLocal Marketing's clients had these same "peddlers" offering their wares, and so clients began asking me if this new product or service was a good idea.

After lengthy conversations with these "salespeople" on behalf of my clients, I soon saw a need for these clients to have a trusted business advisor who acted in the capacity beyond that of just a "marketing consultant".

This is where Focus & Scale was born!

Harkening back to my days as an auditor where it was necessary to become intimately familiar with the economics of a transaction - how value was created and how business process supported the profitability (or unprofitability) of a company -I began applying those same discovery methodologies to my small business clients

These client discussions would last for hours, often surprising my client at how nuanced the questions as we sought opportunities for profitable growth.  At its core, this was a deep dive into the core processes for Sales, Operations, and Finance.

Focus & Scale Itself Evolved

Time and time again, we have found that business owners are very strong at their core competency.  Likely, various members of their team are also very strong at their core competencies.

However, business owners are often pulled in so many different directions that they eventually hit a profit ceiling and cannot micro-manage more growth. They need systems. They need strategy. But just as importantly, they need execution.

While there is no shortage of terrific business books and online courses covering any aspect of your business, these all assume that as a business owner, you have the time to invest into expanding into another core competency.

Time is your most valuable asset. You can never make more and it is always depreciating.

Time is also an asset for which you and your family have the most "appreciation".

Notice that pun? Yup, we've even got personality.

That is the story as to how Focus & Scale has become a multi-faceted profit consultancy serving a wide range of industries, and helping hungry business owners to find and pull the levers that create growing, sustainable profit for his or her business.

If you have any questions about our process, I invite you to sign up for our Live Webcast that we typically hold each week. You can probably find a link on the homepage. This is not an automated, pre-recorded webinar - so some weeks I don't host this if my schedule doesn't allow.

You can also email me directly at and I'm happy to set up a time to chat.

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